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About the game

What is NFT Panda: World of Fantasy? NFT Panda: WoF is RPG collectible game on blockchain where Panda Heroes live and fight for the freedom of their lands. Your mission is to become a Legendary Hero who will reunite Elgard’s lands and who will bring them back to their past prosperity.
What is the goal of the game? - The goal of NFT Panda World of Fantasy is to fight against Dark Forces, increasing your panda’s rank, and multiply rewards by sending your pandas’ army on fascinating adventures.
When is the start of the game planned? - The start of the game is scheduled for the end of the 3rd quarter- the beginning of the 4th quarter.
What about a detailed roadmap and gameplay? - It is on the link and is constantly updated because the project is under development.
What are your marketing plans? - Thanks to the advising and help from the largest gaming community CryptoGamingPool, we will be able to promote crypto gamers to a large number of target audiences. They have vast experience in this since 2018 being the pioneers of crypto gaming and NFT. Also, we have allocated a part of a budget for spreading the information about the game outside these communities to attract a target audience.
What are the further development plans of the project? - It is planned to create more projects using the BAM token in the Panda universe and the creation of the projects on other blockchains is also possible.

What is needed for a game?

How to download the game? - NFT Panda: World of Fantasy has a web version. You need to go on the website and connect with one of two WAX wallets.
WAX Cloud Wallet -
Anchor Wallet - *Recommend Can I play from my mobile? - Yes, you can.

Buying and selling of the tokens and pandas

How to buy more pandas? - You need to visit a marketplace or wait for sales from NFT Panda WoF.
How to sell a panda? - You need to visit a marketplace where the collection of NFT Panda WoF is presented and create a sale offer.
How can I swap BAM to WAX? - You can swap and trade on Alcor Exchange.
How can I earn tokens? - You can earn tokens by sending panda heroes (NFT) to adventures. There will be various factors affecting the final reward, such as type of travel, hero's rarity and rank, weapons, etc. The more pandas and the higher his rank, the greater the chance to earn. The outcome of the adventure also affects the reward.
In addition, after adding new travel types, you will be able to earn other valuable NFTs. Also player can craft and sell valuable NFTs. How many tokens will be emission in total? - The maximal number is 10 billion, but it is planned to use on several projects in the ecosystem. Capitalization is calculated from the circulating supply in the market and the latest price. The first emission was 10,5 million BAM.
Does it make sense to buy more heroes? - Due to the possibility of increasing slots number you can send more pandas. In the later stages of the game, it is possible to increase the number of slots. Rent is also being developed that will allow you to lease your army.
Are pandas limited? - Yes. Moreover, it is planned to introduce a deflation mechanism to decrease pandas number in exchange for improvements. Meanwhile, as the number of players increases, new series of pandas will be created.
Will the token be used in the game? Will the token be a utility? - Yes, tokens will be used to increase the rank of pandas, crafts, in-game purchases, lottery. More utilities are planned in the future. The details will be written in the whitepaper in the section tokenomics.
Is token burning used? - Yes, there are some burning mechanics in the game. For example, 20 BAM is required to craft weapons. This amount is burned. In addition, if your weapon broke during crafting and it was unsuccessful, then the weapon (NFT) burns out. In the future, there will be more such mechanics, which will curb inflation and make tokens valuable.


How many slots will there be? - At the start 1 basic free slot for 1 hero is available for you. You can increase the slots number to 20 and send up to 20 pandas on adventures. 1 panda per adventure.
How can I rank up my panda? - To increase a rank it is necessary to fulfill several requirements: send a panda on an adventure the required number of times to achieve demanded rank. Add to a stake the required number of tokens to achieve demanded rank. To know more about numbers you can visit tokenomic section and Play-to-Earn / Rewards sections.
What is energy? - Like any creature on the planet, pandas need to eat to get energy for adventures, otherwise it will bring -80% less BAM. To do this, you need to get food from the shop owner Olaf.
How do I send a panda on an adventure? - You need to go to the adventure page. Select a panda and click Send to adventure.
How can I add tokens to the stake? - You need to go to the staking page, choose a panda for which you want to add tokens to the stake, and then push the button. Add stakes.
How can I send more than one panda to adventure at one time? - Now it is available to send only 1 panda on 1 adventure at a time.
How can I get a weapon? - You can get a weapon that gathered all 4 components (shards and blueprint) according to a drawing and then unite them. In other words, craft it. Parts can buy in a shop, obtained in the adventure, or you can buy weapons in the market from other players.
What is a cooldown? - It is the time between adventures, during which you cannot send a panda on an adventure again.

Technical issues

Where to unpack the pack? - Unpacking is available at the link:
What is a WAX wallet? - it is a set of program and/ or hardware methods, allowing to buy, sell, keep cryptocurrency, or transfer it to other users. It is functioning, as a work of all cryptocurrency market, uses blockchain technology.
What is Block Explorer? - Block Explorer is a web platform with which it is possible to view a data of block, transactions, balances, smart contracts on a blockchain of different cryptocurrency. For example:
What is NFT? - NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token” and you can think of it like a digital collectible, such as a trading card.
An NFT is similar to a cryptocurrency in the sense that it is traded on a blockchain and has a monetary value attached to it. The difference between a cryptocurrency and an NFT though is that an NFT has certain characteristics that make it different from other NFTs, even if the two NFTs seem similar to one another.
For example, if you trade 1 bitcoin for another bitcoin, you are trading one identical thing for another. There is no loss of value on either side of the transaction — you both end up with 1 bitcoin. But if you trade 1 NFT for another NFT, they can be drastically different even if they appear to be the same. This is because an NFT includes a deeper layer of characteristics that make it different from others. These characteristics can include metadata, visuals, serial numbers, etc., and can all affect the value of the NFT based on what characteristics are valued by the people who buy and sell them.

Where is the community and how can I get help?

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