NFT Panda


NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is a collectible crypto game with elements of a turn-based RPG in a fantasy setting using the WAX Blockchain, in which players participate in epic adventures and are rewarded with BAM tokens. Players will have to collect their own army of heroic pandas, which they can collect, train, and send on exciting adventures, as well as they can stake BAM tokens, mine shards, and get weapons from them, and much more.

Introduction Story

Once upon a time, the race of pandas lived on a beautiful land full of bamboo and crystal waters. No one knew for certain their story, but everyone remembered the legendary exploits of Elgard, in whose name their lands were named.
Elgard and his heroes stopped the ancient evil led by the demon Amon, but it was not possible to know how it had happened. After that, they founded 4 villages of heroes: a village of fire, a village of water, a village of wind, and a village of the earth to keep their lands.
For many winters, the lands of Elgard lived in peace and harmony, but the Dark Forces awoke again and peace changed to destruction, and harmony to chaos. The Council of the Alliance had to turn to the Hero Villages for help again which had been guarding the order for centuries in order to lock up the evil again and to find out the reason for its rebellion.
Legendary 4 villages are once again united together under your leadership. And only you, the Ruler of the Council of Heroes, are able to find out the reason for the uprising of the Dark Forces and liberate the lands of Elgard!
Don’t let your people down! For the glory of the Alliance, Hero!

Core Key Features

  • TRUE Play-to-Earn. We do not take profit from purchases in the in-game shop.
  • Gamers-centric tokenomics model. Now, when the Crypto Games Industry is experiencing dynamic growth, a lot of new teams create crypto games hardly considering the interests of the players, redistributing the prize fund towards ineffective tokenomics cost items. As for us, during the creation of the game, we were guided by the interests of the players. 85% of tokens will be available for earnings to players, while in other games this figure is about 50%. We are developing a game without IDO.
  • Unique art. There are a lot of NFT games that copy art from each other. We are against this.
  • WAX Blockchain. Fast and zero fees.