NFT Panda

Energy & Durability, Rank, XP systems and Sets

Updated August 2023. The game is under development. All contents are subject to change.
In the real world and in the real economy, there is such an important element as CONSUMPTION. Also in the world of Elgard. In order for the panda to feel good and to be full of energy for going on an adventure, it needs to eat.
Pandas are great food lovers and great masters of gourmet cuisine. They cook all their meals using bamboo. The creation of consumption in the virtual world makes virtual economies look like real ones and protects against hyperinflation.


Each panda will have an energy field in the slot. Initially, all players have full energy, but each time they go on a standard adventure, the player loses one unit of energy. A total of 20 (100%) units of energy are available.
Visually, the energy is displayed in the slot in the form of bamboo that decreases, information about the amount of energy is displayed above the bamboo, where you can see how much of it is left (20/100). When the panda is hungry, it is harder for her to bring rewards from adventure. Therefore, if the energy falls below 5, then the reward will fall by -80%. As soon as the panda has eaten and its energy level is 5 or higher, the hunger effect will disappear and she will be able to bring more rewards again.
You need to eat the food and it will restore energy. There are different food rarities that give different amounts of energy to pandas. Check out this table for details.
There are 2 ways to get food: 1) You need to go to the store and buy a ready-made dish. The dish can initially only be purchased for BAM. 2) Get a coupon for food by winning seasonal competitions on the leaderboard page.


When the durability reaches 0% it needs to be repaired. If your weapon has 0% durability, then it does not bring BAM and it must be repaired by clicking on the button to the right of the card.


From July, new mechanisms for choosing the time of the adventure will be introduced. You will be able to choose to go for 4, 8 or 12 hours, and in some adventures for 6 and 12 hours.
In this case, the energy consumption will be as follows:
4 hours
8 hours
12 hours
5 points
20 points
40 points
6 hours
12 hours
5 points
20 points
Durability of weapons and jewelry is similar.
Experience and rewards will be increased proportionally: x2, x3.


Experience will be awarded depending on the outcome of the adventure:

Rank’s increasing

To achieve mastery an apprentice needs to comprehend a lot of truths as well as pandas are needed to be educated to improve their skills. To avoid hyper improvements, there are the maximal numbers of levels for increasing the panda’s rank.
What is required to increase the rank?
Experience (the quantity of finished adventures) + BAM token’s stake.
How many finished adventures are required to increase a rank?
To increase a rank panda needs to commit a certain number of adventures. During the calculation the Fibonacci’s formula is used:
  1. 1.
    Officer Cadet - 8
  2. 2.
    Second Lieutenant - 13
  3. 3.
    Lieutenant - 21
  4. 4.
    Captain - 34
  5. 5.
    Major - 55
  6. 6.
    Lieutenant-Colonel - 89
  7. 7.
    Colonel - 144
  8. 8.
    Brigadier - 233
  9. 9.
    Major-General - 377
  10. 10.
    Lieutenant-General - 610
  11. 11.
    General - 987
  12. 12.
    Legend - 1597
*In the future ranks will be needed as access to new locations.


To improve each panda’s level it is necessary to add BAM tokens in a stake, the required number of tokens depends on the panda’s rank and rarity. The required number of tokens for staking for the next rank is indicated in the game interface before rank up.
Note that panda's withdrawal from Elgard's world leads to rank's annulment (withdrawal NFT from a game to a wallet).


Sets are a combination of the rarity of all equipment and a panda. Sets add BAM income and may be used in the combat system. Your equipment must be the same rarity as the panda, or a panda higher than the equipment rarity, but not lower.