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February 2023 Updated

The player will have an opportunity to equip each panda with weapons of various rarity. The additional equipment increases the adventure reward.

In the lands of Elgard, weapons are not only a tool of war but also an important indicator of the status of each hero. Every self-respecting hero chooses a personal weapon that shows his character, courage, disposition and lifestyle.

Specifications of weapons:

  • Name

  • Type

  • Rarity

  • Element

Weapon repair costs 20% of weapon income. The weapon has durability for 20 adventures. This literally means that it is enough to repair the weapon 1 time and you can send the panda to adventures 20 times.

It is important to note that the weapon will come in handy for players to participate in PvP and to access many other contents.

1 weapon can be added to 1 panda in the slot. Also, the weapon will have an element, but the activation of types and elements is planned in the Beta version. Therefore, so far it does not give any effect.

Type of Weapons:

  • Axe

  • Bow

  • Claws

  • Dagger

  • Gun

  • Hammer

  • Mechanical Arm

  • Slingshot

  • Stick

  • Sword

Craft system

To craft weapons of common rarity, you need 3 shards and 1 blueprint, which you can buy in the shop for BAM (in future updates you will also be able to get shards in adventures). With these shards, you go to the blacksmith and with a 55% chance, he will craft a common weapon for you. Then you will have the opportunity to increase the rarity of the weapon, but for this, you will need two of the same type and rarity of weapons. For the same principle, it will be possible to receive weapons of higher rarity, for all operations with blacksmith you will need to pay BAM. If your craft or upgrade fails, then all parts and weapons will burn. This allows you to contain inflation and maintain the value of items. One of the important distinguishing features of NFT Panda: WoF is that we do not charge a commission for such an operation as in many other games.

The shard and blueprint in the shop costs 5 BAM.

Crafting service at the blacksmith costs 20 BAM.

1) The BAM that was spent on the purchase of shards and the blueprint is returned to the economy. To the reward pool.

2) BAM that was paid to the blacksmith for the craft will be burned.

For example, two common swords can be upgraded to one uncommon sword with a 55% chance of success. In case of failure when upgrading or crafting, then all the items involved will burn. These deflationary mechanisms allow you to maintain the value of items in the economy and fight inflation.

Also in the game there are items that allow you to increase the chances of luck when crafting. When combining these items, each subsequent item gives half. Read more about Awards.

Example: If you have a medallion of each kind. TOP-10 (5%), TOP-100 (5%), TOP-300 (3%), then you have the opportunity to combine them and your chance of success will increase!

Your chance: 5% + 2.5% + 1.5% = 9% Total: 64%

It is important to craft weapons, you need shards and a blueprint of one element. To improve weapons, you also need to collect weapons of the same element.

Common = 3 Shards + 1 Blueprint

Uncommon = 2 x Common

Rare = 2 x Uncommon

Epic = 2 x Rare

Legendary = 2 x Epic

Mythic = 2 x Legendary

The weapon will give additional BAM:

Common — 0.27 BAM

Uncommon — 0.45 BAM

Rare — 0.72 BAM

Epic — 1.17 BAM

Legendary — 1.89 BAM

Mythic — 3.06 BAM

The general formula for earnings is:

(Panda rarity reward + % of Rank reward + Weapon reward) + % of Adventure reward

Also if the energy falls below 10, then the reward will fall by -80%

EXAMPLE 1: You have Epic Panda + Rank: Major-General + Weapon: Legendary Axe. Your Adventure Story: Broken Leg -25%

  1. 1 + 89% = 1.89

  2. 1.89 + 1.89 = 3.78

  3. 3.78 – 25% = ~2.835. Your reward is 2.835

  4. If the panda is hungry, then -80%

EXAMPLE 2: You have Legendary Panda + Rank: Brigadier + Weapon: Epic Hammer. Your Adventure Story: Rest shelter +50%

  1. 4 + 55% = 6.2

  2. 6.2 + 1.17 = 7.37

  3. 7.37 + 50% = 11.055. Your reward is 11.055

  4. If the panda is hungry, then -80%

The blacksmith will also repair your weapon because it wears out like any other item, so you better make friends with the blacksmith, he will become your friend for a long time!

Thanks to the introduction of weapons and crafting, the variability will increase and now you have even more opportunities to build your BAM earning strategy.

In the upcoming game updates, players will be able to use weapons for their intended purpose to participate in exciting battles, tournaments and many other activities.

Mini-guide Craft & Upgrade:

Element and types

Weapons are divided into types and have elements and rarities. In the alpha version, any panda can carry any weapon and element. In the Beta version, the elements and types will be activated, which will give or reduce bonuses when the type and element of the weapon and the panda match.

It is planned that the type of weapon will affect the adventure and combat system. And the elements will play a role in the combat system.

Combination of pandas and weapons

Berserker (Claws, Sword, Axe) Warrior (Sword, Axe, Hammer) Mage (Stick, Dagger, Sword) Archer (Bow, Gun, Dagger) Paladin (Hammer, Axe, Sword) Engineer (Mechanical Arm, Gun, Slingshot) Druid (Stick, Claws, Axe) Dreneya (Stick, Bow, Gun) Bard (Dagger, Slingshot, Mechanical Arm) Shooter (Gun, Bow, Mechanical Arm) Smith (Hammer, Mechanical Arm, Axe) Tauren (Hammer, Sword, Claws) Priest (Slingshot, Dagger, Bow) Healer (Stick, Slingshot, Dagger) Elder (Stick, Bow, Claws)


jewelry can be obtained by crafting materials and stones that can be obtained in special adventures. You can read more about them in Adventures.

You have a 55% success chance to craft or upgrade an item. The chance of success can be increased by having special NFT items that give good luck. Like medallions. If you fail crafting or upgrading, all items will burn. This helps fight item inflation and maintain their value.

This will bring additional income in tokens and give certain stats in other game modes.

IMPORTANT: At the initial stage, you will only need 1 resource for craft or upgrade. But soon it will may increase.



0.07 BAM


0.15 BAM


0.3 BAM


0.59 BAM


1.17 BAM


2.35 BAM

Other possible properties of jewelry that affect other game modes and the required amount of materials and stones for crafting or upgrading will be announced later.
















In order to activate set, you will need to equip your Hero (Panda) with gear that matches or exceeds their rarity level, including a weapon, armor, and jewelry. By doing so, you will activate an active set which can reduce your Hero's energy consumption and equipment durability usage.

BAM Adventure

4 Hours: from 5% to 4%

8 Hours: from 20% to 18%

12 Hours: from 40% to 36%


6 Hours: from 5% to 4%

12 Hours: from 20% to 18%

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