Welcome to NFT Panda: World of Fantasy!

Official NFT Panda: WoF Whitepaper, last updated August 2023, all contents are subject to change.

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is a world where fantasy heroes of Panda live and fight for the freedom of their lands. Your mission is to become a hero who will reunite Elgard’s lands and who will bring them back to their past prosperity. We are a team of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain creators, who explores crypto games for more than 3 years and who has high expertise in this field with the support of one of the first and the largest crypto gaming societies in the world and №1 in the CIS. CryptoGamingPool. One of the key characteristics of NFT Panda: WoF is a unique Gamers-Centric Tokenomics Model which is primarily aimed at the realization of the TRUE Play-to-Earn mechanism. 85% of tokens will be available for earnings to players, while in other games this figure is about 50%. We are developing a game without IDO. Exclusively through the sales of NFT with 5% allocation for the team with an average of allocation in the industry to the team - 20%.

You can read more about our Tokenomics in a relevant section.


Create the NFT Panda multiverse, which combines series of crypto games about pandas in different settings and virtual worlds using Play-to-Earn mechanism, provides an opportunity for players to possess their own items as NFT and let to know more about blockchain technology and decentralized apps in an entertaining way. NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is the first project that will start the NFT Panda multiverse.

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