Updated August 2023. The game is under development. All contents are subject to change.

Panda is the main unit in NFT Panda: WoF. Each Panda is NFT. Pandas have several features and characteristics:


In 3 series of the collection NFT Panda: WoF has 36000 heroes who have 6 main types of rarity and Promo:

  • Common

  • Promo (created for promotion, while being fully used in the game and bringing rewards)

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

  • Mythic

As the number of players grows, new series of pandas will be launched with an absolutely new design.


Also, each Panda has its own element. Panda’s elements are divided into 4:

  • The Element of Fire

  • The Element of Water

  • The Element of Earth

  • The Element of Wind

In earlier versions of the game, this has no advantage. The implementation of Elemental Benefits will be rolled out in a future update.


The set of skills in some game modes depends on the class.

• Berserker • Warrior • Mage • Archer • Paladin • Engineer • Druid • Dreneya • Bard • Shooter • Smith • Tauren • Priest • Healer • Elder

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