Pavius is the supreme mage of the air village. One day, almost 300 years ago, the Fire Dragon attacked the air village. The villagers were doomed, only Pavius was able to defeat him. With a dangerous spell, risking his life, he defeated the dragon. Since then, he has been one of the keepers of the village of air.

He is now the oldest member of the Mages Guild. He is engaged in the development of magic, the creation of new spells, and the training of young magicians.

In his free time, he spends all day in the main hall of the school of magic in search of a special spell that will protect every panda.


The lands of Elgard lived in tranquility and peace after defeating Amon and his predecessors, but Evil doesn’t sleep forever…

The High Council of the Water Village decided to send the best paladin to one of the ancient Guardians of the Mountain. Pragnar the son of Paus from Anorigar was ordered to learn more information about the evil that threatens Elgard


Akke is a druid from the village of Earth, only he knows how to create some potions that have saved pandas from battle more than once. He trains many druids, but no one has even come close to his level.


Aivars is a berserker who does not know regret and pain, so enemies know him, having met him on the battlefield — the best solution is to run. But is he really that scary? Oh no, in peacetime, when he is resting in the village, you will always see him playing with the kids or composing poetry.

Collecting wood near Terragar Aivars felt a strange vibration. He immediately noticed that the mysterious medal that he had recently discovered began to tremble and emit light. Taking it in his hands, he found that on the reverse side of the medal appeared a text that had not been previously. Unfortunately, he could not read it, it was an ancient language that was used at the time of the birth of Elgard, only the elders can make it out, throwing all the wood, he hurriedly headed to the temple.

Showing the medal to the elder, he saw his surprised look and after a minute of silence, he heard the translation.

“The ability to wait, rewards with strength”, that is what is written, but the meaning is still hidden and it takes time to understand the truth, and you, as an owner, need to reveal it — said Ansgar.

Later it turned out that such an inscription appeared on every medal, now Heroes have to reveal another secret.


Alrik is omnipotent, as his friends call him, no one could beat him in the wood pulling competition. In his free time from adventures, he always trains to become even stronger and drag, even more, that’s what he is.


Prax is a fairly young, but experienced and powerful warrior from the Terragar (village of the Earth). For the will of his character and by virtue of his skills, he became the youngest one of the keepers of the mysterious forest.

Prax is adept at all melee weapons, but his heart belongs to the axe and shield.

He teaches the warlike inhabitants of the village of the land in military affairs, and in his free time he discards the cruel disposition and knocks down the Mysterious Forest, helping in the construction of houses and other structures of the village, and also teaches this craft to the young lumberjacks.

Once delivering the wood from Terragar to Anorigar, Prax was attacked by an ogre, but thanks to his skill, he did not get a single scratch from the enemy. Since then, many pandas have considered Prax to be immortal for his fighting skills, but is that really so? …


A year has passed since the incident, and the battles on the Lands of Elgard have only become harder and harder…

In the meantime, Nail has been worried about his friend Nuruddin, as he has been sitting in his favorite workshop in Terragar for several weeks now, and for the past few days, he has not answered his friend at all.

That same evening, Nail again came to his friend’s workshop with resolute confidence to drag him out on a mug of Ale to the Drunken Goblin tavern.

After a few minutes of knocking and shouting with a request to open the door, it abruptly opened in front of Nail and he saw the inspired face of Nuruddin who grabbed Nail by the shoulders with two paws and said “Now we have hope for a Victory”

Confused Nail saw glowing armor on the table behind Nuruddin…


Pax is often asked what is the secret of his skill? How he was able to become one of the finest blacksmiths in the lands of Elgard.

«It’s simple, I put a piece of myself into each product.» But we all understand that there is also daily work behind this, a lot of work…

To repair a weapon, create a new one or improve an existing one — for someone it’s a magic, but for Pax reality. Many pandas choose him not only because of the skills. Pax often provides valuable advice not only for combat, but also for life.

Well, let’s tell you a secret: having a friend like Pax is very important and necessary. So try to become his friend quickly…


It is our first day of work! Welcome!

My name is Gutfried! I am inviting you to visit our wonderful tavern called Drunken Goblin!

Well! We have a great quest menu for you. Let me briefly tell you how everything works for us. Everything is very easy! First, you should go to the bar and ask me.

Further, I show you the available quests and what it takes to get it. You can choose what you like and get quest. To receive your order, you just need to bring everything you need. That’s all!

NOTE: the number of rewards is limited. We have just opened, but we have big plans to expand the business.

Take care of yourself! Believe in yourself and good things will happen to you.

See you soon in Drunken Goblin!lo

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