Skills & Books

Updated August 2023. The game is under development. All contents are subject to change.

These skills will help you create your own unique strategy for fighting the Bosses inhabiting Elgard. Each class of pandas has its own set of skills.

There are 15 types of books for each class. Your mission is to gather your class-specific books and learn new skills.

Books can be found in the new adventure Fields of Wisdom or you can buy them in the in-game store.

How many books do Pandas need to unlock these skills?

It depends on the rarity of your panda. Let’s break it down for mode with Boss.

To learn the 1st skill: Common: 15 Uncommon: 18 Rare: 21 Epic: 24 Legendary: 27 Mythic: 30

To learn the 2nd skill: Common: 30 Uncommon: 36 Rare: 42 Epic: 48 Legendary: 54 Mythic: 60


But how do the odds play out? The base chance of acquiring a book is 30%. Want to turbo-boost those odds? Get medallions! Here’s the full breakdown:

Base chance without medallions: 30% With Silver medallion: 37.5% With Gold medallion: 45% With Diamond medallion: 52.5%

If you’re keen on wisdom instantly, grab your books from the in-game store for 100 BAM. These aren’t items for resale, they’re in-game assets set to unlock more exciting features in the future!

This table is with the cost of obtaining the skill.

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