The game is under development so all contents are subject to change.


The name of the token: Bamboo.

Token’s symbol: BAM.

Network: WAX Blockchain.

BAM Maximum supply: 10 000 000 000 (for the NFT Panda universe on a WAX Blockchain).

Circulating Supply: The treasury of Bamboo is replenished as the BAM supply dries.

There is the system of the seasons that exists. 1 season = 1 month. (The start date of the seasons has not yet been set).

The token is created for players to reward through the Play-to-Earn mechanism in coordination with different mechanics of NFT Panda: World of Fantasy game. It is being achieved due to token farming via sending your Pandas characters into adventures. You can increase the reward by improving a character’s rank, but for doing this, it is necessary to add BAM tokens in a stake, that prevents early sale to players and encourages them to accumulate and use it in a game, for example for buying slots and other items.

We established the economy in such a way that provides more usage for tokens, wherein exist not only inflation mechanisms, but deflation as well, that in the end can increase the token’s value. Game tokens gain their value over time. The most important thing is that we put the players at the center of the economy, as we consider that exactly the users bring to the project the main value. 100% of Users’ BAM expenses on in-game purchases will be returned to the economy for distribution. 90% to Play-to-Earn mechanism and 10% will replenish the prize pool for tournaments and events.

The first emission of tokens for the team will be locked for 6 months, and for advisors for 3 months.

UPD: We have decided to extend lock up period for 3 months to support the value of the token. Further, unlock will be 1 year linear.

Token Usage

  • Required to level up by staking;

  • Required to repair weapons and replenishment energy;

  • Required to crafting items and potions;

  • Required to buy items;

  • Required to rent CPU through our service providing blockchain resources;

  • Required to get quests and participate in events and tournaments.

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